Cream sauce with black truffles

(20 votes, average 4.90 out of 5)
Cream sauce with black truffles4.90 out of 50 based on 20 voters.

black-truffle-sauceNecessary products:

50 grams of black summer truffles

0.5 liters of cream (for cooking)

40 ml olive oil salt, pepper, parsley

Oil is heated to a temperature of frying, and then be removed from the hot plate and put the oil in a fine grating truffles. Add salt and pepper to taste. In a separate vessel is broken down and the cream is added to it with truffles mixture, stirring until the homogenous mixture. Parsley is added according to the purpose of the sauce.


Olive oil with truffles

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Olive oil with truffles4.81 out of 50 based on 16 voters.

truffle-oil_newFresh truffles, hard to find on the market and their price is quite high, especially White truffles (Tuber magnatum). Happily, olive oil with white truffles is available relatively cheaply on the market, but we must be confident in the quality offered by the manufacturer. Can you make your olive oil with truffles, fresh truffles as Cut of thin branches (such as chips), and fields with high quality oil of your choice. Truffles is an important condition to be cut very thin. Olive oil with truffles is stored in a cool and dark place away from heat, light and oxygen.


Mayonnaise with truffles

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Mayonnaise with truffles4.63 out of 50 based on 16 voters.

Truffle-MayonnaiseNecessary products:

1 / 2 cup olive oil with white truffles
1 / 2 cup oil hazel
1 egg yolk 1 white wine vinegar
1 lemon juice or water
Start with the understanding of egg yolk with 1 tablespoon white wine 1 tablespoon lemon juice or water. While you slowly infusion of olive oil with truffles. If very thick mayonnaise and oil does not reach, add a teaspoonful of water during care.


Goose liver with truffles pasta

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Goose liver with truffles pasta4.73 out of 50 based on 15 voters.

Goose-liver-with-trufflesRequired Products: 1 serving: 220gr goose liver, 100g (2 washers) pineapple, 5 g mayonnaise, 1 slice of bread for toast, a pinch of white pepper, a pinch of salt, 20 ml of cognac, a pinch of sugar, starch For the sauce: 50ml demiglas, 3gr truffles paste (found in larger supermarkets). Method of preparation: goose livers are irrigated with starch and baking pan. After acquiring golden color, remove and place in oven heated in upper heater. There are full ready to bake. Pineapple is caramelized with sugar and koniac Maitz while ice. To bake bread to toast. At the plate, in which food is served is lay washers pineapple. Put them on toast and top - livers. Meat sauce with bay are prepared from mixed-mayonnaise truffles and pasta.


Dresing with truffles

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Dresing with truffles4.69 out of 50 based on 16 voters.

truffles-dresingDressing with Truffles: Truffles mixing oil and vinegar (best balsamov) in 2:1 proportion oil vinegar. Cream is added to density. This sauce is perfect for salads, canned meat and pasta. .


Risotto with truffles

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Risotto with truffles4.43 out of 50 based on 30 voters.

Truffled_risotto_new A classic recipe for making risotto, as truffles are added later in the cooking. Grate with white or black truffles, pour olive oil is of very low fire for 45 minutes, you can add and good red wine.


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