Why are truffles so expensive?

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Why are truffles so expensive?4.55 out of 50 based on 33 voters.

auction-trufflesTruffles are valuable because they are very rare and hard to find. It is estimated that the demand is 10 times greater than the supply. World production of truffles is insufficient to meet the needs of the market. Wild truffles yields decreased with each passing year, and cultivated truffles are unable to reduce prices because of low yields. White truffles (Tuber magnatum), which only grow wild, reaching $ 3,000 one kilograms in the U.S., black winter truffles (Tuber melanosporum), exceeds $ 1,000, and black summer truffles (Tuber aestivum) currently sells between 700 and 900 $

How to get a dog for truffles hunting?

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How to get a dog for truffles hunting?4.58 out of 50 based on 31 voters.

truffles dog

За решаването на този въпрос има две основни възможности:

Първата възможност е да си закупите и обучите сами куче.

Втората е,  да си закупите вече обучено куче.

При първата възможност ще са ви необходими: време, търпение, инвестиции във храна, аромат за обучение, ваксини, разходки и тренировки в гората....Разбира се няма гаранция, че ще получите желания резулатат. Този вариант се предпочита от хора, уверени в своите възможности, които не желаят бърз резултат от лова на трюфели.

По интересен е втория вариант, а именно покупка на обучено куче. В интернет има много обяви на хора, продаващи обучени кучета за лов на трюфели. Проблема тук е, че в действителност много малък процент от кучетата продавани по този начин, отговорят на уменията и цената, която иска продавача.


Are truffles in Bulgaria?

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Are truffles in Bulgaria?4.40 out of 50 based on 45 voters.

map-bulgariaThe answer to this question is yes, definitely there. In Bulgaria there are all highly valued varieties truffles, but finding them is very difficult task. For this purpose, necessary, very willing, well trained dogs and female pigs for this purpose. In droughty years, truffles increase the depth to which thrive on their need to retain moisture.


How to know exactly where truffles grow?

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How to know exactly where truffles grow?4.42 out of 50 based on 36 voters.

forest-tree-truffleTo get acquainted right there where truffles must take into account the external signs and behavior of any wild animals:

- Where truffles grow, over him and mahat dry grass.

- If you notice a swarm of flies over a certain spot in the woods completely possible to grow truffles there.

- If you have miner location of wild pigs is entirely possible that they ate the truffles. Miner carefully and seek evidence that there was no truffles, if you believe that there was truffles, check the tree or in a secret area way after the first rains will be there again truffles.